Our Services

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Web Design

Need an onlie presence? Not a problem! We are experts in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other Web technologies. Additionally, we are experts in Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla and Wix Content Management Systems. We develop web sites that are futuristic and easy to navigate. Customer satisfaction is our pride.


With more people going digital, more and more individuals and companies are shifting to trading online. We develop and set up online eCommerce sites as well as train users and managers on how to use them. We also have experience in intergrating payment methods that allow your customer to pay online via VISA or other payment platforms like PayPal and Mobile Money.

Web Applications

A web application is a software application that runs on a remote server. In most cases, Web browsers are used to access Web applications, over a network, such as the Internet. Some web applications are used in intranets, in companies and schools, online shopping, booking services, etc. We are able to provide the solution you are looking for.


Our branding services range from online branding, logo design, custom branding of company artifacts, banner and billboard designs that will capture the attention of your audience. The customer journey often begins with good advertising and catchy branding. Go ahead and give your business a head start by contacting us.

Custom Built Applications

Every client is different, that is why at iSWE we provide tailor made solutions to meet your needs. From Relationship Management Systems, Records Management Systems, Knowledge Management Systems, Content Management Systems, and any other IT solution you may require, we have the expertise to convert your problem into a working solution.

Mobile Applications

We are experienced in developing apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices. The technologies used range from Java, Objective C, Swift, JavaScript and others. The development is either done in the native languages or by using frameworks like Xamarin, or React Native. We ensure high quality apps that completely capture the web experience on your device.